My ClanNameis African

Appreciate And Practice Ubuntu

About Us


  • To promote social cohesion through products, services and events.


  • To be an African company to market personalized products and services using African identity.


Our company has the following sections:

Elections and Balloting (Trustee/Political/Community elections)

Language Services ( Translations/Interpreting and Transcribing)

Workplace Services (Social Cohesion Presentations and Motivational Speaking)

Job Creation and Empowerment Services (Arts&Crafts/Picture Framing/Interpreting skills).


The Company is involved in the following activities:

  • Advice, design and conduct election processes for our Clients.
  • Provide Translation and Interpreting services.
  • Create beaded South African Flags.
  • Present Workplace Social Cohesion workshops.
  • Strive to find means of creating jobs for South Africans.


  • Create employment opportunities through social cohesion.
  • Unite Africans using their identity.Rebuild the African value system.
  • Mitigate xenophobic attitudes amongst African people.
  • Ignite the spirit of brotherhood/sisterhood amongst people.
  • Restore UBUNTU through workplace presentations.
  • Encourage Patriotism through items.
  • Encourage youth participation in community building.
  • Create products that will encourage household harmony.
  • Allow Africans of all races to embrace diversity.
  • Encourage the spirit of giving amongst people


  • In South Africa, we all are custodians of our democracy. It is therefore our responsibility to ensure that it is enjoyed by all regardless of their social standing.
  • Based on this, we believe that a lot needs to be done to ensure that we understand ourselves and establish businesses to support our diverse cultures.
  • As a country with a high level of illiteracy and unemployment, it is our responsibility to create businesses that fit with the knowledge of the unemployed.
  • Most importantly, is the need to influence morality amongst people. In our view social cohesion can be achieved through the following:
  • Clothing
  • Language
  • Food
  • Sport
  • Literature, Art & music
  • Tourism
  • Oral story telling
  • Gifts (including African Gifts)
  • Business services etc.


  • Given the level of poverty our people find themselves in, we commit ourselves to ensuring the success of this initiative to save our people. This project will be guided by UBUNTU principles.

Targeted Sectors:

  • Sports Fans/Organizations
  • Schools
  • Businesses
  • Communities
  • Families
  • Government & the NGO sector